Project Link:
  Project Intention: Course work for semester-long projects
  Project Role: Programmer & Designer
  Team Size: 5 People(2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Producer)
  Platform: PC
  Duration: 48 Hours

Project Video

Project description:

  This project is to design and build a procedural generation pipeline with authentic historical data. As one of the main enabling technologies for open world game creation, this pipeline should provide complete and reusable solutions for large-scale cityscape development and world design, ultimately not only for Tang Dynasty, but also for other time periods and cultural themes as needed. Using Houdini FX and Unreal Engine 5, the pipeline can be summarized as the following stages: building modules and parameterization in Houdini, generating single buildings, and implementing building clusters and placement using specific algorithms in Unreal Engine. The final deliverables should be the documentation that describes the entire pipeline, related tools, and source code, as well as an interactive demonstration of Tang Dynasty cityscapes. The results will also be submitted to conferences such as EPC, GDC, and Siggraph.

Other Infomation:

  Location: Carige Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  Engine: Unreal 5
  Code Language: Unreal Blueprint & Python & C++

Personal work:

  • Research related topics
  • Implement everything related City placement algorithm and tools


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