Digglet Adventure

Digglet Adventure

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Programmer & Game Designer

Project Intention:

Course work


Game Development and Design


Spring 2017


DIS, Copenhegen



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Project description:

  Digglet Adventure was my first game project while I studied aboard in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is required by one of the course, Game Development, as a practical and conceptual introduction to game design and development. The game is a 2D platformer puzzle game in which the player controls a Diglett, a pokemon, conquering a sequence of levels. The main mechanic we implemented is the ability to destroy and recreate particular objects in the scene. In the game scene, there are several preset blocks, each having its unique ability to help the player reach the final portal to the next level.

Project duration:

4 weeks

Personal work:

  The project was a two-people group work including me. I did the design works such as coming up the ideas for the main mechanic, UI design, item design and most level design. I also did the programming including player control, object scripting and 2D animation.


  This project attached to this course intents to help the students to master basic game development (produce, test and present a beta version of a game of your own design) and comprehend game design. We need to use the Unity Editor to create interesting game levels and to create game scripts using C# and the Unity API. We also need to understand the fundamentals of using 2D graphics and become acquainted with advanced topics such as shaders, physics and AI. In addition, we need to apply theories and develop and test an actual game from idea to beta version.
  This project gave me both a conceptual understanding of the basics of game development and a particle experience of developing a game from the sketch. For example, for level design, I learned that the first levels teach the player the game mechanics and controls in an unobtrusive and fluent way. The later levels become more complex and pose interesting challenges/puzzles. When developing game ideas, I need to consider how I can make the game mechanics meaningful, interesting and essential. No mechanic can be removed without causing the game to break or feel very different. Moreover, I learned that working in group for developing a game could be hard in term of merging and implementing different ideas. De-bugging is one of the most important stage for game development as this will ensure the quality of play experience.


Download Here:

  The ‘Game.rar’ file is a Windows build of my game, in a .zip file. You should download the files and unzip it; execute the application with .exe suffix under the Windows operating system.


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