Four Season Dash

Four Season Dash


  Project Intention: Course work for Building Virtual Worlds
  Project Role: Programmer & Sound Designer & Producer
  Team Size: 5 People
  Platform: PC + MaKey MaKey
  Duration: 2 Weeks

Project Video

Project description:

  Four Season Dash is a 2 vs. 2 game in which each team has a player performing horse and the other player performing cowboy. The interaction of the game is an alternative control experience. The horse player will stomp on pads to move and jump. The cowboy player will hit physical buttons to use items and use strings to steer the horse.

Other Infomation:

  Semester: Fall 2021
  Location: Carige Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  Engine: Unity
  Code Language: C#

Personal work:

  • Managed project as producer
  • Implemented main mechanic and gameplay
  • Game flow
  • Integrat art, code, and sound
  • Sound design and created sound assets


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