Geng Lu Bu

Geng Lu Bu


  Company: Shanda Games
  Job Title: Gameplay Engineer
  Team Size: About 50
  Platform: Mobile
  Project Time: One and half Year
  Project Link:

Project description:

  Geng Lu Bu is an online 3D mobile simulation educational game that demonstrates a cultural interpretation of the South China Sea voyage book in an interactive and riveting way. In the game, the player is a manager of a small town named DaTan. The mission is to build more houses and ships to gain commodities either by producing them by yourself or trading with other people.

Histrical content:

  Originally, Geng Lu Bu(更路簿) is an arcane Book About the South China Sea. The book discusses the landscapes and sea conditions of reefs, sailing routes, meteorological and hydrological knowledge, proving China’s claim in the South China Sea.

Promotion Video

Other Infomation:

  Location: Shanghai, China
  Engine: Unity
  Code Language: C#

Personal work:

  • Programming & implementation using C#, Lua, Json, and Protobuf
  • Implemented core gameplay systems and interface using UGUI
    • Quest
    • Tech Tree
    • Production
    • Guild
    • Dialog
    • Online Chat
    • Tutorial
  • Implemented general or base systems
    • Save and load
    • Pop up UI system


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