Summer Days

Summer Days: Town of Long Mian


  Project Intention: Personal Project
  Project Role: Lead Programmer & Game Designer
  Team Size: 10 People(4 Programmers, 4 Artists, 1 Producer, 1 Sound Designer)
  Platform: PC
  Duration: 1 year side project(About 10 hours per week)

Project Video

Project description:

  Summer Days: Town of Long Mian is a passion project created by a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University. Dive into this game and play as a young boy in a 2000s-style rural Chinese town. Talk with the local townsfolk, play classic children’s games, explore the town, and reminisce on the days of your childhood!

Other Infomation:

  Location: Carige Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  Engine: Unreal 4
  Code Language: Unreal Blueprint & c++

Personal work:

  • Brainstormed game idea
  • Lead and managed programming tasks
  • Implemented mini-games
  • Extended quest and implemented plot system
  • Code review and refactor code
  • Localization
  • Debug system
  • Implemented several user interfaces


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