Naughty Rocky

Naughty Rocky


  Project Intention: Course work for Building Virtual Worlds
  Project Role: Programmer & Game Designer & Sound Designer
  Team Size: 5 People
  Platform: Quest 2 VR
  Duration: 2 Weeks

Project description:

  The player is a perspective of a dog, who wants to mess up the room after the owner left the home. However, after some time, it receives a voice message from the owner saying she is coming back soon. Now it’s the time to clean up everything it has messed up!

Project Video

Other Infomation:

  Semester: Fall 2021
  Location: Carige Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  Engine: Unity
  Code Language: C#

Personal work:

  • Implemented main mechanic and gameplay
  • Game flow
  • Integrat art, code, and sound
  • Sound design and created sound assets


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