Seven Years

Seven Years


  Project Intention: Game Jam for China Independent Game Alliance 2020
  Project Role: Lead Programmer
  Team Size: 7 People (2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 3 Designers)
  Platform: PC
  Duration: 48 Hours

Game Jam Theme for CIGA 2020

Project Video

Other Infomation:

  Location: Shanghai, China
  Engine: Unity
  Code Language: C#

Personal work:

  • Implement main mechanic and gameplay
  • Game flow
  • Project management
  • Integrat art, code, and sound

Project description:

  Seven year is a game jam project that I worked with my friends. The main game machinic is similar to a game called Reigns. Base on the game jam theme, we want to empraize the loneness of a modern young girl. The player will be the girl to make a sequence of choices.


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