Terra Thrift

Terra Thrift


  Project Website: https://projects.etc.cmu.edu/echo/
  Project Intention: Course work for semester-long projects
  Project Role: Programmer & Game Designer
  Team Size: 6 People
  Platform: Unity + AirConsole
  Duration: One Semester (14 weeks)

Project Video

Project description:

  ECHO is a Games for Change project focused on creating an online multiplayer game that transforms players through environmental awareness and care. We aim to accomplish this by focusing on building community between players through gameplay, narrative, and visuals supported by research.

Other Infomation:

  Semester: Spring 2022
  Location: Carige Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  Engine: Unity
  Code Language: C#, Html, JavaScript

Personal work:

  • Tech Research
  • Content Research
  • Paper and digital prototyping
  • Learned and used AirConsole SDK in Unity
  • Implemented the whole game as a solo prgrammer
  • Imtegrated art and sound assets


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